Hello world!

Welcome to the Clemson Composting Creative Inquiry site! We are so excited that you want to learn more about our efforts to create a more sustainable campus.

So, who are we?

Our creative inquiry is made up of nine students from all walks of life at Clemson University. Although we come from different backgrounds, we are united in a common goal to be a sustainable University. Graduate student Gary Nihart and Clemson professor Dr. Patricia Zungoli are the leaders of our project and are blazing the way to make our creative inquiry a success.

What are we doing?

Composting, of course! By promoting the reuse of food waste in the dining halls, our team is working towards making a rich compost to use around campus. There are four teams to help accomplish our goal:

  • Education and Marketing
  • Cost/benefit Analysis
  • Site Development
  • Testing and Chemistry

This is the first semester of our Creative Inquiry, so we are working on starting a great program for future generations of Tigers.


Our University produces thousands of tons of food waste per year. We are working to reduce the waste going into landfills by composting these organics and turning it into usable compost for campus landscaping, campus farms and other research.

We also want to set an example for the organics industry in South Carolina and the nation!

Check back here for more information as the semester goes on. We look forward to working with you, our readers, to promote a better future.


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