Site Development Update!

Hello Composters!

Our Site Development Team has been working very hard for the past few weeks coming up with a feasible plan in order to have a genuine composting facility at Clemson University. Its going to take some time, but we have two plans in action right now!

First is our short term plan. It consists of our current set up at the composter. In this plan we have made the decision to built a new shelter next to the current one over the composter. This new shelter will supply the site with space to store carbon inputs and newly made compost that has cured.

Our second plan is more of a long term, futuristic idea. In this plan we have drawn up what the final site would look like using the AutoCad program. This drawing includes a building over the composter, a concrete pad for curing the compost, a retention pond next to the curing pad for run-off, and a separate building for storing the compost.

Look for a picture of this future plan in our next Site Development post!

For an equipment update the only additions that we are getting (as of now) is a Skid-Steer with a grinding attachment that will be used to turn the curing compost and further grind up carbon inputs.

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