Passive Aeration

Over the past few weeks we have been drawing designs for passive aeration systems. We decided in our last meeting that we would test two designs this fall and expand the project in the spring.
For any one that doesn’t know, a passive aeration system in regards to compost is simply a system of open pipes, with holes drilled in them, that draw air into the compost pile. By drawing air into the pile we can increase decomposition through aerobic beneficial bacteria and use less machinery to turn the piles, which will result in a smaller carbon footprint and less dependance on fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Neat stuff right?

Our systems will be made from schedule 40 pvc and built to aerate about 6-7 cubic yards of compost each. We will be building 2 sets of 2 systems (4 total) this fall, and we hope to implement more passive systems and low maintenance systems on our facility in the near future, to increase the amount of food waste we can receive from the campus dining facilities.

The awesome crew at Facilities led by the Honorable Todd Barnette has helped order our supplies and has completely covered the cost of the supplies for this project. These guys are awesome and have been very helpful getting this project off the ground. We really appreciate how supportive they are of Clemson Composting!
We will begin building these systems within the next week or so when the materials arrive. So stay tuned for some pictures and updates on this project.

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