Here we go again!

A new semester is afoot and we have new students with exciting new projects! Our main goal as a group is to make a long-lasting impact on Clemson University. Composting is so important and we want all the Tigers to know! One project will be somewhat of a continuation of the previously conducted food waste study (read post below). Another will work on the much needed site development using sustainable materials. Yet another project will do a pilot on vermicomposting as an alternative diversion route and utilizable method. And the last project will be a video to be shown at orientation discussing the importance of composting as it relates to the choices incoming freshmen will make and how those choices will impact the university’s green initiative. We will update you with our progress as it comes!

Once we had our projects ready to get underway, the group attended a sustainability teach-in. This was an exciting opportunity for the CI to get our goals out to the sustainability community. We also met other CIs looking into green and sustainable initiatives on campus. Another aspect of the teach-in was a string of speakers talking about designs being put into place all around campus that will help us reach our green goals, varying from solar panels on rooftops to new bike plans extending past the campus.

With all of that said, news will be posted frequently as we dive into a spectacular semester of improvements and good things to come!

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One thought on “Here we go again!

  1. Gary Nihart

    I can’t wait to see the video

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