School’s out for the summer!

Hey composters!

We’ve had some changes since the semester ended, and we just wanted to share them with you. We are so bummed not to have Ryan Poole on board anymore, but we know he will do great things now that he’s out in the real world – all the best of luck, Ryan! This also means the facility is cared for by a new person, Facilities employee James. We are excited to have him on board and look forward to working him as compost continues to grow!

The existing piles at the facility have been combined and reground. The resulting product is a fine, rich soil amendment! We are getting this fantastic product tested by the soil lab to ensure we know the content of it. We hope this will aid those using it according to what they wish to plant and the nutrients they wish to pull out of it.

Along with these changes comes the beginning of a very big change to the facility – a site renovation! The plans are in place (see below), and we are set to start construction sometime this summer! The space of the composting site will be more efficiently used and any runoff will be filtered by natural barriers surrounding the whole facility.  The compost piles will be situated on a concrete pad to make it easier to turn and monitor water around them. New drainage will also prevent any standing water and ruts that come with seasonal heavy rains. All in all, the renovated site will have improved beauty and functionality. We are thrilled to have such an awesome update coming to our facility!

Well, that’s it for now composters! We’ll be back to tell you of any news that comes our way during the summer.

New Composting Site Plans

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