Field Trip!

This week in composting we discussed our time lines for our final project. We were also informed of the upcoming field trip on Friday (October 25, 2013) to the Charlotte Douglas International Airport Composting Facility to learn about vermicomposting on a large scale.

I did some research on the facility and found out that the facility is a $1.1 million recycling facility.  The facility also focuses on vermicomposting, and holds 300 pounds of worms in an 8,000 square foot bin. Each day, compostable items are collected and loaded into a pre-composter. The pre-composter then breaks the materials down in order for the worms to easily digest the material. It then loads the material into the vermicomposting system. The worm’s castings are then used to fertilize the facility’s land. If the castings are not used at the airport they can be packed and sold. Overall, the composting facility is designed to process two tons of waste a day. The airport has reduced the trash it sends to the landfill by 70 percent. The composting program has created new jobs and is expected to save the airport a ton of money in waste disposal costs.

I am looking forward to learning more about the vermicomposting program due to my groups project focusing on bringing a vermicomposting program to Clemson. 

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