Composting in a greenhouse?

So i was having trouble logging in when i was supposed to do an entry earlier, but better late than never!

A couple weeks ago i was looking for ways to (efficently) keep worms alive and active during winter, i came across this article about one lady’s method for vermicomposting. I would definitely recommend reading/ skimming/ or even just looking at the pictures in this article. I love that this method could be kept at a relatively small scale, or expanded to a larger scale operation. I found this article before we went to the airport for the tour, but looking at both systems gives a good perspective on how we could use methods from each system to make our own. 

When we toured, the lady at the airport (whose name i forgot…)  asked if we had an empty building that we could keep the vermicomposting bins in, unfortunately we don’t have empty heated buildings to keep dirt and worms in at our disposal,  BUT what if we made a greenhouse to keep them in? That’s where the article comes in, they put their worms in a greenhouse to keep then warm in the winter, however they keep their compost below ground in concrete lined boxes to ensure the worms don’t over heat. These boxes are have lids divided in two 4 foot panels, They harvest the compost by luring the worms to the opposite side of the box with fresh food, once the worms migrate to the fresher side they collect the abandoned nutrient-rich castings. 

The harvesting at the airport seems much simpler and less tedious, im still trying to wrap my head around a way that would encompass the best of both worlds. The greenhouse is ideal because it uses passive energy in the winter and wouldn’t cost too much for upkeep. Perhaps a greenhouse with removable panels

Something to ponder.

im a very hands on, DIY sort of person, so the thought of buying bins like we saw at the airport, or buying a greenhouse makes me cringe, i think it would be fairly simple to construct our own system, first as a small scale prototype then maybe expanding if we succeed. 

-Briana Cairco

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