Update on Vermicomposting

Last Friday me (Briana) and Hannah visited the site and scoped out the corner where we are planning on setting up the greenhouse. 

The price went up by about $200 on the particular greenhouse we were looking at, but i found it on another site for about $100 less. I had to do some additional research after reading reviews on several greenhouses but I still think this is our best option. The two biggest problems with most of the greenhouses was the construction and the anchoring. Lots of people reported problems with their cheaper greenhouses flying away, but this particular one includes anchoring equipment, and it supposed to be easy to construct.

I also came across several greenhouses with “double walled polycarbonate” which seems to be advantageous for keeping in heat, but overall the trade-offs didn’t seem worth it. Besides, I am already concerned with the worms overheating in the summer, the double walling would increase that concern. Since our winters are relatively mild i believe the single layer wall would be best. 

The first task will be to level the ground where it will go using gravel, and we *may* want to make sort of a flooring with bricks, or concrete stepping stones, my main concern is that the legs of this bin would get wet on the concrete and eventually rot. Most of the vermibeds have metal legs, so we probably should look into that as well, but that is a little above my carpentry knowledge 

heres a picture of what im talking about 



as far as the rest of the materials, we were planning on lining the sides of the wooden box with a tarp to waterproof it, but they recommend just using thermally treated wood (which is weatherproof and rot resistant) when constructing a classic compost bin, so that would probably be the most practical solution. As soon as we can draw a prototype hopefully we can get the supplies and begin construction.

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